Association Management

Hiring a Professional Association Manager for your Association builds value for homeowners. Guardian brings the latest professional standards and cost-effective methods to make your Association more effective in meeting your community’s needs.

The roles and responsibilities of your Association are different depending on the governing documents and applicable laws.  

Your HOA Board of Directors is elected by the homeowners. It oversees the maintenance of Common Elements, enforcement of governing documents, adopting a budget, planning for large capital expenditures, and oversight of community services.

Guardian Association Management

Guardian Representatives will:

  • Attend scheduled Board meetings
  • Assist the Board with enforcing policies, rules, and regulations
  • Solicit bid proposals for contracted services
  • Collect maintenance fees monthly, quarterly, or annually
  • Produce financial reports and accounting statements
  • Create annual budgets for Board approval and adoption
  • Facilitate homeowner repairs
  • Act as a liaison between the Board and the Association’s legal counsel
  • Make recommendations for capital expenditures per the Reserve Study

Guardian’s responsibilities generally fall into four sections:

Administrative Services
Meetings, Policies, Rule Enforcement, Record’s File

Capital Improvements and Attorney Liaison

Site Management
Repairs, Contract Specifications, Bidding, Contracts

​Accounting Services
Annual Budget, Financial Records, Monthly Report, Delinquent Accounts