Financial Services

Guardian provides a host of financial services including cash management, assessment billing and payment processing, accounts payable, annual audit and tax preparation, and delinquency monitoring.

​Deposit and maintain the funds of the Association in a financial institution per the Association’s governing documents and State and Federal regulations.

Maintaining proper financial documents is critical for every Home Owners Association and our process is second to none in the industry.  We look forward to sharing more information on our program during initial and follow-up discussions on our services. 

Guardian Association Management
  • All funds shall be protected by the FDIC 
  • Annual operating budgets and reserve budgets 
  • Cash flow forecasting 
  • Cash management 
  • Assessment billing and payment processing 
  • Monthly financial statements and budget vs. actual analysis 
  •  Accounts payable 
  • Coordinate annual review/audit and tax preparation 
  • Customized financial reporting 
  • Preparation of accrual-basis financial statements 
  • Monthly receivables and aging report 
  • Monitor delinquencies, send out notices, and advise and recommend to the Board of Directors the next course of action

Guardian’s responsibilities generally fall into four sections:

Administrative Services
Meetings, Policies, Rule Enforcement, Record’s File

Capital Improvements and Attorney Liaison

Site Management
Repairs, Contract Specifications, Bidding, Contracts

​Accounting Services
Annual Budget, Financial Records, Monthly Report, Delinquent Accounts